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h           March 2017               No. 1016 - 88  Year
              CLUB NIGHT
            SECOND MONDAY             1889 DE LAUNE 2017
            OF EACH MONTH
          S & M CRICKET CLUB              CYCLING CLUB

                                             Hi All,
        WILLIAM WRIGHT                      I’m  delighted  to  see  that  Roy  and
         61a Burns House                    Debbie are starting regular club runs
           Kennington                       at  a  nice  sedate  pace  and  WITH  a
            SE17 3SX
               020 7735 9605                coffee stop. Very civilised! No doubt
                                            the details will be elsewhere in this
                CHAIRMAN      DLN, but in any case they are also on the home page
            ROY SAVERY
             01959 777455     of our website. You’re invited, and welcome to bring
                              some prospective members too!
          JEREMY WHITE
          101 Manor Park      I have two dates for your diaries: As you may know,
                    London    I’ve been having discussions over the last year or so
                  SE13 5RQ
            07565 151457      with various club members about the direction the
                              Club is headed. The first date is
           VAL PEACHEY                           This will be a presentation and
            63 Beverley Road  workshop on how we might set about remodelling the
               Barming        club. There’s been general agreement that the club
          Kent ME16 9DU       has recently found itself gliding towards the sunset.
            01622 727649     A new set of directions may be needed to find ways
                              to turn us around and attract members again. We
          DAVID HAGGART       would love your input and ideas.
         388 Elmers End Road
           Kent, BR3 3HG     The second date is the AGM and will be on
            0208 658 7419                                 Please note this is a
                              revised date, and we’ve been requested to hold this
                              at a weekend to enable people to come who would
                              have  difficulties  with  a  weekday  evening.  Both

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