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meetings will be held in the brand new, shiny

       One item on the agenda at the AGM is the proposed donation to the Herne
       Hill Velodrome Trust of up to £25,000. You’ll remember that we had an SGM
       in January, and 95% of those present agreed in principle to this donation,
       subject to ratifying it at a second General Meeting 3 months later. I am
       working closely with the Trust towards a proposal that will work well for both

      There is already strong support among the committee, but a donation of
       this size needs to be well thought out and we need all our members to fully
       understand the arguments before you vote.

       Members under 40. Even members under 60 would be welcome. Our age profile
       shows how various age groups are represented currently.

          1.  We have been firmly associated with it for the entire history of both
              (Herne Hill had its 125 th anniversary last year, we had ours in 2014).

          2. It has thousands of new cyclists coming through it every year. They
              mostly haven’t heard of De Laune yet, because we currently have few
              active members in the key age groups.

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