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3 The key aims of de Laune’s Memorial Fund are for it to be of benefit
              to  the  Club,  and  the  sport  of  cycling  in  general.  This  donation
              satisfies both aims.

      We want items that can be clearly labelled as being donated by De Laune.
       HHVT is getting quotes for a good quality PA system, which needs to give
       clear  sound  for  racers  and  spectators,  without  being  intrusive  to  local
       residents. Subject to quotes which are being sought currently, the price tag
       is expected to be around £15,000. It will most likely include seven speaker
       poles in the track centre, which can be clearly labelled with De Laune CC.
      There was previously a proposal for a judges’ box in the track centre – this
       one is not being actively pursued now – it would require additional planning
       permission and there are other items they’d prefer to get first.

      We’re currently discussing naming rights to the grandstand. This is not the
       pavilion itself, but it’s the secondary seating just beyond the finish line, and
       might be called the De Laune Stand. I need to talk to them in more detail
       about this, but should know more in a week or two.

       I’ll give full details on the proposal to vote on when the time comes, once we’ve
       worked out final details. Things are moving very quickly at the moment as
       the Pavilion is being fitted out as we speak.

       In a word, exposure. To have ‘                              ’ in clear view
       to thousands of riders annually, is bound to get some of them asking who
       we are.  I’ve been very clear from the start to HHVT that what we need are
       ways to get our name known to the kind of people who might be looking for a
       club to join. We need to have regular activities too (such as Debbie and Roy’s
       club runs), but once they know that we are all-round good eggs, they will be
       more likely to want to find out about us.
      "We also get to have our monthly club meetings in the pavilion for half price
       for 10 years."

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