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Firstly can we thank all those members have renewed their membership for 2017,
       David is on the prowl for any outstanding fees of which there are just a handful,
       thanks also to those members and life members who have made donations to the
       club, all gratefully received.

          Heartening to see some new members coming through, these will be welcomed
       to our ranks elsewhere in this publication.

          The club accounts have been audited and are ready for presentation at the
      AGM, the full papers will be published with the AGM agenda in the coming weeks.
       Please make every effort to join us at the AGM, it does seem sometimes that the
       club is made up of the the 15 or so members on the committee and nothing else.
      The AGM is your opportunity to agree or disagree with how the club is being run and
       organised, all constructive criticism and suggestions will be openly received.   Unless
       we received your comments we can only assume that you are in agreement with our
       decisions.    Of course if you wish to become a member of the committee or even
       take up an an official post please step forward, we will be pleased to see you.

          Don't forget if you want new kit for the coming season Christian Rudolf is the
       man to speak to his  e-mail address is for all Bioracer
       kit.    He is in the process of creating an order so can I suggest you make contact
       with him If you require any clothing.

          If you want any of the Giordana kit your man is Tony Peachey, this is slightly
       less expensive but the stock is now diminishing – address in DLN.

             Max Dods Memorial Ride and BBQ

                            Sunday 30th July

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