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I  spoke  with  Derek  yesterday  (21 st)  and  his  news  is  good.  He  saw  his
       consultant yesterday who confirmed the pain and immobility in his leg over
       the Christmas period was nothing to do with the tumour in his brain. This
       was - as they call it these days - an age related issue !!!

      The brain tumour has been reviewed, apparently it is about the size of a 50
       pence piece. As he is not affected by the issue at the moment both Derek
       and the consultant it is better left alone but review again in 6 months time.
       so all round much better news on that front.

       He has been told to carry on as normal and to keep himself as fit as possible
       though I am not convinced playing golf is the best exercise for someone with
       a bad back ???

                              Philiph Walker
                              Philiph Walker
                              Mark Pearman
                              Mark Pearman
                               David Palfrey
                               David Palfrey

        I do hope that you will enjoy riding with us and I am sure that our members
                    will look forward to meeting each one of you.

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