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          1       Jeremy White         14 th   Mark Ballamy
          15       Nigel Scales         29    David Rudd
          29 th   Don White            30     Chris Chalet

       Support your LBS

       I  have  been  in  discussions  with  Richard  Balfe,  owner  of  Balfe's  Bikes
       (, who have shops in Kennington, Dulwich &

       Balfe's Bikes are able to offer De Laune CC members the following discounts:
       Labour, including Servicing 15% discount  Parts & Accessories 10% discount

      They will also undertake to do there best to price match online competitors.
      You should be able to prove membership of De Laune CC with a British
       Cycling membership card. Alternatively, once RiderHQ is fully up & running,
       you will be able to print off confirmation of your De Laune Membership.

       Richard Preece
       Hon. Treasurer
       De Laune Cycling Club

                        Club Rides (Sunday): Meet 9am,

                                Cadence Performance

                             2A Anerley Hill, Crystal Palace,

                                London SE19 2AA

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