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h           March 2018               No. 1027 - 89  Year
                CLUB NIGHT
             SECOND MONDAY
             OF EACH MONTH                 1889 DE LAUNE 2018
            104 BURBAGE ROAD                   CYCLING CLUB
             LONDON SE24 9HE
                                        All the President’s Pen
                                            I’ve been a bit rubbish at getting on
             PRESIDENT                      my bike over the winter. A mile each
        WILLIAM WRIGHT                      way to the train station can’t really
         61a Burns House
           Kennington                       be  called  a  commute.  The  dreary
            SE17 3SX                        weather hasn’t helped to get me to
               020 7735 9605
                                            go  any  further  than  that.  Two
                CHAIRMAN                    Sundays ago I put my De Laune kit on
            ROY SAVERY        when I got up, nice and late at about 10am, and finally
             01959 777455
                              gathered myself together to go out of the door by
             SECRETARY        about  2pm.  Got  back  about  2  hours  later  having
          JEREMY WHITE        covered all of 35km, and had to stop myself raiding
          101 Manor Park      the fridge.
                  SE13 5RQ
            07565 151457      If you have never used Strava, a smartphone app for
                              running and cycling, this has some great features
          RICHARD PREECE      on it that can really help with your motivation to
             8b Wellfield Road  train. Yes I know I shouldn’t need motivating, but I
                  SW16 2BP
               07580 813114   bloody well do. Cycling can be cold and wet and can
                              hurt,  and  my  brain  has  lots  of  negative  feedback
            MEMBERSHIP        loops which prefer to advise me I should expend less
         388 Elmers End Road  energy while continuing to eat all the things I like.
             Beckenham       As well as mapping your journey and telling you how
           Kent, BR3 3HG
                              many calories you’ve burnt, Strava splits the trip
            0208 658 7419
                              into lots of segments, and times you along each one.
                             Then it tells you if you’ve reached your PB, or 2 nd or 3 rd
                              fastest time, along any segment, while also compiling
                              a leader-board of hundreds of other Strava users
                              for  segments  such  as  ‘Elmers  End  to  Lidl’  ,  or
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