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Anerley Hill (mental part)’.

       One other feature I really like, is the ability to give someone you know ‘kudos’
       for  their  ride.  A  bit  like  being  ‘Liked’  on  Facebook,  but  many  times  more
       encouraging. I’d like to thank Nick Kinsey and Richard Preece for giving me
       kudos for that ride – 35km may not sound much, but it was an effort for me
       that day and that kind of pat on the back is something that then helped me
       to go out again the following weekend, and to do the same ride again more
       easily. I might even start riding to work again soon.

       I recently started learning Mandarin Chinese. I’ve had about 15 lessons now,
       and I’m just reaching the point where I’m beginning to string simple sentences
       together. Every language has tricky bits, and English certainly has its share,
       such as how we pronounce words ending ‘-ough’ in at least 7 different ways.
       In Chinese, there may be anything up to 50,000 characters, but most of
       them are obscure, and an educated person only really needs 2-3000 to read
       a newspaper. Most situations can be covered using 500-600 of the most
       common ones. One thing that confuses me a lot, however, is that there are
       a total of only 400 syllables to choose from, so they tend to be re-used for
       different words. A character doesn’t show you how to pronounce it, you just
       have to learn them one by one, and as I’ve found out, the syllable ‘Shi’, has
       lots and lots of meanings. Just a few are:

       So, a Chinese-American poet named Yuen Ren Shao wrote the following poem:


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