Page 11 - DLN Oct2013-975
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Dear Mark
I wondered if you might like to include a paragraph in the next issue of the
De Laune News, on the lines of the attached, in memory of Ken Elliott, for
those members who might still remember him.

Like myself Ken joined the De Laune just after the war when the Club started
to get going again.

Whilst writing, I also attach a photo (see next page) probably taken at Sid
Amey’s in 1947/8 which you might like to include in your Photo Gallery. From
left to right they are:- Roy Banham, Frank Wynne, Jack Zarfas, Arthur
Burcham, Marian Zarfas (now my wife), John Zarfas, Eddie Sharpe, Brian
Gunnell, Peter Gunnell and I don’t know. (I think this is Paddy Kelly ex Royal
Navy Ed).

I am pleased to say we are both going on as good as can be expected but
the only cycling we do these days is on the Exercise Bike in the garage.

I am sorry to have to advise that Ken Elliott died
last month on the 29 August. He was 83 years

Ken joined the De Laune in 1947, aged 17, about the
same time as myself and we remained good friends
ever since. He was the second rider to win the De
Laune Memorial Shield for the Club Novices ‘25’ in
1948 on the old Guildford course.

Like myself, Ken drifted away from cycle racing after doing his National
Service in the RAF but always maintained an interest in the sport. He
moved between Essex and North Kent with his first wife but eventually
retired to the village of Kingston, near Canterbury, where he was a keen
gardener and photographer and until a few years ago also enjoyed the
occasional tootle through the surrounding lanes on his bike.

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