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The early afternoon summer heat at the World’s. Michele Gismondi a trusted
“gregario” from the Bianchi trade team was also assigned specifically to
assist Coppi in his hour(s) of need, should this arise during the event: a
wise choice as it turned out as he actually survived the fray to finish fourth.
On the day Coppi took the lead on the Crespera climb during lap13, with
only the Belgian classics winner Germain Derycke willing to “take the risk”
and follow him, as Alfredo Binda put it. In effect, after riding 116 miles Coppi
time-trialled the last 53 miles in 2 hours 16 minutes, finally dropping poor
Derycke on the climb during lap17. Coppi won by well over 7 minutes, covering
the full distance in 7hr 30min 59sec (22.02 mph average).

(Reference credit is hereby given to information published in Italian by the
late Rino Negri in his 1996 book “Un Uomo Solo” and a 1995 magazine
feature “Coppi Mondial – Metro per Metro”. Reference was also made to
the 1993 “V.C.Lugano 100-Year Book” by Armando Libotte and 1953 articles
in UK ”Cycling”. )

Mick Hartley

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