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A Special General Meeting, attended by 16 members, took place in
January 2005 to lay the foundations of the governance of the newly formed
Club Memorial Fund Rules. These rules covered the duties of the Trustees,
investment procedures of the capital sum and the use of any investment
accrued. All present unanimously agreed to accept the Rules as presented
with some minor amendments.

No formal committee meetings were held between December 2004 and
March 2005 for a variety of reasons, business was transacted via e-mail,
July meeting was cancelled due to a bombing incident in Central London.
At the AGM it was felt pertinent to reduce the club membership fees to -
Life Membership no fee, Full Members £20, Student £15, Associate £15,
Junior £10 and Juvenile £6. It was felt that as we no longer had the
commitment of the clubroom to consider this was a viable action to take.
Life membership was bestowed on Charlie Carlton, Michael Moore and Les
Pyne. Total membership stood at 114.

New members included Jim Evans, Will Matthews, Mark Wadley, James
King, Alan Priddy, John Starsmeare, Alan Constable (rejoiner).
Unfortunately we lost Bryan Tidbury, Mike Rabbatts (although not a club
member he was the author of our book Century Awheel), Chris Martindale.
The new president was Roy Savery and Don White returned as Treasurer,
Brian Saxton took over as Secretary on the resignation of Pete Harris due
to family illness and work commitments.

Club committee meetings were being held in the Royal British Legion
Club for which a donation was sent. AGM minutes were submitted late as
were the accounts for the sale of the clubroom. Don White was concerned
that he it had been difficult to contact outgoing Treasurer, some accounts
appear to be 'in a bit of a mess', some members being owed money for
expenditure on behalf of the club, and important paperwork having been
'rescued' from 93 Choumert Road after the sale which should have been
securely filed. All issues were eventually satisfactorily resolved later in
the year. Through lack of leaders it was proving difficult to organise regular

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