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In recent months I have followed the ˜De Launes mainly in Kent, with a brief
visit to London last month. I now move over the water to Ireland where
another branch of the family lived.

Henry Delaune 1592-1644

Henry was Gideon the apothecary’s nephew through his brother Isaac.
*Henry went to Cambridge University, Caius College at the age of 18.
Henry’s eldest son, Henry, appears to be by his first wife (Susanna Woodis),
he then married Alice Boyle** and had two further sons Richard and Michael.
He received designation in 1627 at the age of 35, for he was French by birth.
In 1643 he was allocated land in the town of Carrickfergus Co Antrim for
his investment under the Irish Adventure Act.< Henry is recorded to have
addressed King Charles1 about improvement in Irish commerce. He was a
Chiliarcha (commander of a 1000 men), and is said to have died at the Siege
of Lostwithiel (Cornwall) in 1644.

The Adventurers Act was passed by the Long Parliament on 19 March 1642,
its purpose was to raise money to suppress the uprising which was taking
place in Ireland. Under the act persons who were willing to provide £200.00
to the government would receive 1,000 acres of land in Ireland which was
to be confiscated from its Irish owners.

In July of the following year Parliament passed the Doubling Ordinance Act
which doubled the allocation of land to anyone who increased their original
investment by 25%. Putting that in today's terms it was possible to acquire
land in Ireland for 12.5 pence an acre.

It is said by 1653 some 11,000,000 acres had been confiscated and distributed
between Cromwell's supporters, soldiers and English investors.

The Lostwithiel campaign saw many skirmishes and engagements as the
Earl of Essex's Army fell back through Bodmin on the 29th June 1644, and
finally to Lostwithiel on the August 2nd, where the local people drove off
the army's cattle. The Earl of Essex's Army tried desperately to defend every
work or village available from the closing veteran and resolute Royalist forces.
Some of these actions were the battle of Beacon Hill, Lostwithiel (21

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