Page 25 - DLN Oct2013-975
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Aug.1644), and the battle of Castle Dore, near Fowey (31 Aug.1644). Charles
1st stayed at nearby Boconnoc (4 miles away) during the Seige of Lostwithiel.

*Information I researched back in August 2012 stated Isaac had one son,
however I said William instead of Henry this was an error on my part (see
page 6 Aug 2012, DLN)

**Previously mentioned on page 17 in July 2013 DLN.

Next month: his son Henry Delaune, the eldest
who was responsible for this book, and his two
half brothers.

The book is in Club colours, coincidence? Does
anyone know the origins of our colours?

The colours were in existence in 1929 (info. from
Val) perhaps Jon can get up in his loft and see
what we can find in the club’s earlier
documentation. Maybe an academic in the club
was reading this publication and suggested them
based on the author being a Delaune.

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