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On the 19 th
You now join that elite group of club
Members who can put O.B.M
After their name (Over Bloody Eighty)
Welcome to the

Given the varied responses with regards to the club Hill Climb I can
confirm that we have been invited to join the Dulwich Paragon Hill Climb
which will take place on Saturday October 19th start time at 11am on
White Lane.

Any-one intending to ride please can you let me know in advance. There
won't be a start sheet as such issued in advance it is more a case of
turn up and ride but I want to ensure that they reserve enough places
for De Laune in case they are close to the event capacity.

All spectators are of course very welcome.

This event will decide our Club Championship so I am looking forward to
seeing you all there with strong legs and even stronger voice!


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