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Secretary’s Report

The following notes are purely a précis of discussions at the September
Committee meeting and are intended to keep all members informed of what
is happening on committee and how the club is being run.

We met to discuss three issues.

It was agreed that we organise some coaching/training club runs with the
assistance of a BC coach. It was decided that these runs would be
advertised both within the club and to prospective new members. The
advertisement would clearly state that we are seeking new members. The
decision was made that the ‘coach led’ runs would be held on the first
Sunday of each month starting in November and continuing to March 2014.
Club members should ensure that if they join these runs that they wear
the Club kit so the group is easily distinguishable. Club members would
have the responsibility of organising similar club runs on the remaining three
weekends of the month, where a leader must be nominated for each week.

Possible visit to Cyclopark circuit (Gravesend) at a later date if it is felt
it would be useful was also mooted.
Possibility of De Laune hosted turbo sessions at Crystal Palace under the
control of Paul Mill (BC registered Coach) again to be advertised on the
website – to be considered.

Various new ideas were put forward – a city centre criterium was suggested.
It was felt that this would create an enormous need for club bodies on the
build up and on the day. A resource we would find hard to identify.
Not progressed.

A meeting at Herne Hill was also suggested with activities for the whole
family incorporating a BBQ. This was discussed – felt it was extremely
weather dependant – again would require lots of help. Not progressed.

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