Page 8 - DLN Oct2013-975
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Christian Rudolf expanded on a ride from Choumert Road to a meeting place
(restaurant/hostelry) in Kent/SE London was felt possible, especially if the
route was advertised on the website allowing prospective members, existing
members or car bound members to join along the route. To be explored.

Dave Haggart put forward an idea that we approach the Rollapaluza
organisation with a view to promoting a roller competition in our name,
inviting various clubs to join. This created much interest was and felt
worthy of more work being done.

It was further suggested that rather than cram all these activities into a
short space of time that they be spread over the whole year – one
organisation per month – factoring in our normal activities of open events,
OMA lunch, Newnham, Belgium night etc. In reality there would be very
few months to cater for. All activities to be advertised on the web and
in DLN

A small working group to be created to take forward website ideas.

A long discussion ensued on the adoption of the 125 anniversary kit as
our registered strip. Various views were expressed. The result of which
was that a Special General Meeting would be arranged for October 14 at
Dulwich College to address the issue in accordance with Club Rules. At
this point in time the club rules do not allow proxy votes at such a meeting,
therefore you attendance is encouraged if you have a valid point of view.

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