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was 2 days after the TT and 3 days before the road race.) All was well
until they recce-ed the course and realised the horrors in store for non-MTB
specialists [description scared me a bit just reading it].

Later, Froome used the Kenyan Cycling Federation Head’s email account
and password to enter himself for the 2006 U23 worlds in Salzburg,
sidestepping the internal politics that would have stopped him getting a
ride because he supported Kinjah. (The Federation head had given him his
login details to do something for him earlier in the race.) The TT performance,
where he collided with a marshal after 200 metres, on the first bend, is
apparently on YouTube under “Three worst time trials” – a fair assessment

I’d say, but he still managed 36 out of 100 riders. (Edvald Boasson-
Hagen was 5 , Tony Martin 18 , Rigoberto Uran 23 and Ian Stannard
25 to put the ride into perspective.)
The email incident sheds an interesting light on Froome’s character – he
has a certain ruthless streak when it comes to his career. It’s not hard
to see why Bradley Wiggins wasn’t sure where he stood after the incident
in the Tour. Froome, on the other hand, is clear that he didn’t intend to
ride against Wiggins, and ultimately he didn’t. His explanation is a bit
disingenuous though – reading between the lines, if he hadn’t lost 1 minute
35 seconds early on I’m not so sure he wouldn’t have chanced his arm
during the race – though perhaps not with Wiggins in yellow. While I make
the preceding statement, I need to point out that the reason I can do so
is Froome’s honesty about his thoughts in the book. It’s worth noting some
of his comments regarding how much he trusted Wiggins, subsequently.

Another anecdote puts his build-up to the 2012 Tour into context. Early in
2012, on the last day of Paris-Nice, Froome went for a training ride with
Adam Blythe (BMC). The plan was to finish the day at the race finish and
watch the final TT up the Col d’Eze on the team buses while catching up
with team-mates who were riding the event. On the ride back from
Ventimiglia to the French border at Latte [really…! – coffee and cyclists
eh?] Froome was putting in a hard effort on his TT bike with Blythe on his

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