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wheel when an old man stepped out in front of them from between parked
vehicles. Blythe was able to avoid the crash but Froome ended up in an
Italian hospital with his bike impounded as evidence. Italian law treats
senior citizens like children so it was automatically Froome’s fault, resulting
in a small fine. (The old man came out of the incident ok.) Getting the
bike, with its new special-issue handlebars, back was more protracted! Just
after this incident, Froome returned to Kenya on holiday and to check on
progress of his treatment for Bilharzia (apparently the relevant number
was reduced to 300’s instead of 500’s but still there) and traces of
Typhoid were found in his stomach, which accounted for stomach problems
he’d noted! (Fairly common in Africa apparently!)

– a bowl of porridge, 2-egg omelette. For big stages,
3-egg omelette and small amount of white rice mixed into porridge. No
gluten (pasta, bread). Dessert is pieces of fruit or a pot of yoghurt.

at rest is 29bpm, threshold efforts are at 145-150bpm
typically and maximum at 180bpm. It freaks out other riders when they’re
at riding 180bpm and see he’s climbing at under 150bpm. His time for the
infamous Col de la Madone climb, popularised by Lance Armstrong is 30min
9secs, with a 459w average, straightlined. [Feel free to try to better it…
he mentions training efforts in Tenerife that involve hill intervals at 700w.]

- the Team Sky Directeur Sportif instructs on changes
from car – when to change, where to slot in if someone needs to stay at
the back to recover more or because they’re wanted to be on the front for
a specific section etc, based on the riders respective abilities, how they’re
going on the day etc. It didn’t look like that was working very well in the

During the incident when Valverde
punctured and Belkin chose that point to ride, during crosswinds on stage

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