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Just received this e-mail from my cousin in Australia - attached is a
photo of Dot receiving her new De Laune pin Badge.

The background to this is that my cousin was visiting the UK and as
usual we met up whilst she was here. My cousin lives in Adelaide and
when I asked if she could take the Adelaide contingent of badges for
onward transmission she kindly agreed. In fact she took all the
Australian contingent and has posted one to John Geoghegan and
one to Monty Watkins, interstate.

I gave her some info in Dot so my cousin Ann knew what to expect.

Hi Val,
Just to let you know that we heard from Dot and Alan and I went
down this morning to meet her. Attached is the handing over evidence!
I thought the street name rang a bell when you gave me the details
and it turns out to be the same street that Alan's cousins from
Oxford stayed at apartments just down from Dot when they last
visited in 2010 - how about that!

As you mentioned she is a very friendly lady and lives in a lovely little
apartment on the first floor with a great outlook as you can see. In
the short time we were there, we exchanged family and cycling details
and as she has suggested going out for lunch, we have promised her
that we will keep in contact. Alan's Mum wasn't available today, but
he asked if he could bring his Mum along sometime. Dot is certainly
an active lady and does really well for her age.
Back again soon, Ann

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