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13, to benefit their GC team riders. Movistar riders came up to complain
that riding hard when Valverde had punctured wasn’t sporting. Great reply
from a Belkin rider: “Oh, you’re asking us to be sporting? This is the guy
who’s gone down for two years for his involvement in Operacion Puerto.
How sporting was that?” [I’d love to know who said that – top man!]

- Froome favours taking the first 10% of a TT at 90% capacity
then increasing. [for him 90% translates to 520w at 170bpm - increasing
over the remaining 90% distance!]

In Kenya,
Froome used to do 5-6hr rides, mainly flat, aiming at 240w steady output,
carrying food but skipping breakfast. Mixed up with shorter, more intense,
rides. Later, at Sky, similar rides were specified – Sustained Aerobic Power
(SAP) rides/intervals. Low-carb rides where you hit the road without having
eaten breakfast but start to feed in the first hour – teaches body to burn
more fat as fuel. (A colleague who knows him told me that Ian Stannard
had mentioned similar rides for weight loss purposes.)

3mins over threshold then 1 min recovery.
– good when close to peak fitness “over-under2s”.

3 mins easy, 8min progression to threshold (1hr sustainable level
– 400w+ for the like of Froome, Wiggins etc), 2min recovery, 4min progression
to threshold – start at 200w and increase 60w per min to 440w (your
threshold-based target might be a little lower…), 3mins recovery, 3 x
accelerations almost like sprints – 2 in saddle, 1 out each for 10secs with
50secs recovery, then turn legs 3-4mins. Stop at 25mins point - job done.
10 mins to start.

20sec sprint at bottom of climb (simulates
positioning) then 20mins zone 3 (tempo) to teach body to recover from

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