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sprint at tempo pace, not freewheeling – more realistic for racing. Finale
is sprint 30secs, recover 20mins at tempo, then sprint 40 secs, recover
20mins at tempo. (Froome likes to add intermediate sprints during the
tempo sessions.)

Now all you have to do is follow some of the idea’s above and Bob’s your

Tony and I spent just over 6½ hours timekeeping at Brenzett
roundabout during this event. This was a key roundabout as
it marked the start of the main circuit that the riders used most
of the day before being directed up to the finishing circuit.

The day was the quietest day for wind on the Marsh that we can

remember for years, subsequently the sun, which shone all day,
made for those sitting by the roadside, an enjoyable one. We
were able to see the result unravel as the hours ticked by. We
gave ‘our Malc’ encouragement each time he sped by, his position
on the bike and facial expression not altering all day. When he
left us for the last time around 15.40 we estimated he would
achieve between 185-190 miles, depending on how many times he

encircled the finishing circuit. Glad that he managed to keep
his ride together to get 190.551 miles and thus claim the KCA
Veterans record for a 75 year old. Well done Malc. I know you
said ‘never again’ but here’s to the next 12 hour when you reach
80 !

Val the Peach

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