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and began scrambling up the path,
muskets strapped to their backs, using
clumps of grass as footholds. This they
did as silently as was possible, for
stones were inevitably dislodged as
they struggled upwards, praying the
French would not here their approach.

On reaching the top of the cliff the white
tents of the French could be seen
against the dark background. Once regrouped the “Forlorn Hope” opened
fire taking the French by surprise awakening Captain Vergor who rallied some
thirty men, having sent the rest of his men home to gather in crops, and
tried to form a defence.

However, Capt Delawne had now been joined by the Light infantry,
commanded by Colonel William Howe, and by most accounts credited with
the scuttling of Vergor’s men, who, all but one, escaped through the brush
and Col.Vergor was shot in the foot while attempting to escape. Who actually
was responsible for the routing of the French does not really matter for
history records that William
Delawne played significant part in
the victory of the Battle of the
Plains of Abraham.


Next month. I shall see what else I
can find amongst the snippets I have.

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