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A very pleasant sunny and warm September afternoon was spent
at Herne Hill Track for the Club Track Championships. This year
they were held in conjunction with the Addiscombe which added

a few more riders on the track, making the competition more

For ourselves we had just 3 riders – Mike Rice, Adam Platts and
Alan Rowe. Mike and Adam arrived early enough to have a few
laps warm up but Alan arrived just in time for the start of

proceedings. Like us he was caught up in the London traffic.
We allowed plenty of time to negotiate the Catford broadway
confluence of roads but that proved unnecessary – it was the
Dulwich Village traffic that snookered arrivals.

Apart from the three riders additional clubfolk were around to
help with the organisation they consisted of Tony and myself,
Chalks (organiser), Bill Wright, Nigel Scales, Brian Dacey, Mick &
Debbie Valentine (plus a well behaved dog), Dave King and, spotted
sitting in the stands, ex-member Glen Heath. Have tried to
encourage him to join us once again but my badgering has not

YET been successful ! Timekeepers were Val & Tony, Bill and
Nigel. Also there to help was Roly Crayford from the San Fairy
Ann. Roly and Mick did some holding up and Chalks was chief
whistle blower and pistol shooter.

I will leave results of the 5 mile scratch, 1K sprint and 6 lap
pursuit to Chalks, no doubt he will report somewhere in the pages
of the ‘News’. Needless to say all who attended enjoyed the
cut and thrust of the racing.

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