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I went to London for the two final stages of the T of B, where were you all

For those who have yet to hear I completed the KCA 12 hour, so I would be
pleased if those of you who sponsored me would let me have their pledges.
As with my previous sponsored 12 hours, it is simpler if the cheques are
made out to me, as it is easier to administrate by only having to send one
cheque to Demelza House. How much have I raised? Well it looks to be in
excess of £800 pounds, and that equates to around £66.66 per hour or
put another way, approx £4.20 a mile my total distance being 190.551 miles.
Subject to confirmation I have beaten Bob Loader’s (Sydenham Wheelers)
Kent Vets Age 75 record (189.073 miles). This could not have been achieved
without my helpers, Mick and Debbie Valentine and Lyn, they were joined by
Alan Rowe very early on in what started as very misty morning. Thanks guys
for keeping me going on a tough, flat, breezy course.

Almost forgot, not mentioned last month, the walkers on the 125 th
celebration ride or walk had the good fortune to get into the grounds of
Sharsted Court and had a guided tour by none other than Viginia Wade.
So here we are nearly at the end of another season, (my 57 minus a couple
of gap years) with only the hill climb remaining. Hope to see you there.


Geoff Margetts sent this a few weeks ago thought you might be
Hi Malcolm,

Just a quick note - whilst I was looking on Youtube I found this
clip from 1956. At about 23 to 27 seconds it shows Alan
Jackson and the Meredith cup.

Best wishes

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