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The following notes are purely a précis of discussions at the August Committee
meeting and are intended to keep all members informed of what is happening on
committee and how the club is being run.

Letter from Mike Rice was presented where he thanked the club for the honour of
Life Membership, he added that he hoped to meet up with the club more often,
having purchased a jersey & skinsuit in readiness for the OMA 10.

An e-mail had been received from Sarah Archdeacon who is recovering from a
recent accident. Sarah is now home and was very grateful for the card signed
by all attendees at the OMA 10.

Discussion ensued regarding proposal to use services of Paul Mill to promote club
with a view to increasing our membership in 20-40 age group. Jayne Wadsworth
& Juliet Sprake had created a selection of training programmes which had been
sent to Paul Mill for his views and some idea of costings. This had been
distributed to committee members before the meeting. It was agreed that the
club set aside a budget of £2,000 for this venture. Paul Mill to be invited to
a meeting on 9 September at Dulwich College to embellish on the plans and run
a question & answer session if required. It is hoped that our group presence on
the road and/or Herne Hill track will engender some interest, showing other riders
that we, as a club, can offer more than membership. Mark Ballamy felt that
advertising was the key to success – Juliet Sprake agreed to address this issue.

Bill Wright explained that Crystal Palace Tri are about to organise an hourly
winter training session on Tuesday evenings at Herne Hill for people on road bikes.
It was suggested we join them so that the session could be extended to 2 hours.
The facility would be free for club members, non members would pay a fee – this
would in turn offset the hire fee of £40 per hour. Bill Wright agreed to speak
to Crystal Palace Tri to arrange a rota system to supervise the activity.

2014 open TT promotions. It was agreed that we should continue to run the
Open 10 on the Isle of Grain course on 31 May, 2014 – organiser Jayne Wadsworth
The Open 25 to be run on Q25/20 on 27 July, 2014 –organiser Ian Silvester

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