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De Laune Cycling Club

2004 commenced with the news that the clubroom sale had finally been
completed, the purchasers had re-named the property 'The Old Bicycle Club',
Secretary was invited to a house warming party where a copy of the club's
history would be presented. The matter was discussed at the AGM a
vote of thanks was recorded for Pete Harris for his hard work in ensuring
the sale at a good price, it was agreed that the existing Memorial Clubroom
Rules should be replaced by Club Memorial Fund Rules to safeguard the
capital sum, Don White volunteered to ensure that the newly acquired funds
were kept separate from the general funds with its own accounts and
trustees. These accounts should be kept simple to produce, for the benefit
of the Inland Revenue and avoid any penalties for late arrival. The
membership was reminded that the original fund was set up in memory of
those members killed in the two world wars and although there are now only
a handful who knew them this object should still be respected. The
committee asked members to submit ideas as to how to best use/safeguard
the money, only 16 responded (20% of club membership), more were

Mike Peel submitted a 'rallying call' article in the DLN encouraging everyone
in the club to become involved by submitting ideas as to how our newly
acquired wealth could be widely used for the benefit of the club and the
sport. He suggest helping younger members with riding/racing, subsidising
social functions etc but most of all we must attract younger members to
join and become involved with the running of the club.

DLN took on a new professional look with the acquisition of a colour printer.
Discussions took place on committee regarding the late submission of the
club accounts over the last 3 years.

Clubruns in Richmond Park were being poorly supported, it was though a 6
monthly/annual list may prove beneficial . A list of early season Reliability
Trials were listed in January, a good opportunity to hang onto a back wheel
in January & February with a face full of mud. Membership stood at 126.
The following were granted Life Membership - Arthur Howe, Geoff Sinnett,

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