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John Darroch, Bert Collins, Brian Saxton, Roy Chittleborough and Brian
Dacey. New members included Dave Burford, Nathan Palmer, Sam
Fensterheim, Dave King, James King, Edward Bond and Geoff Heaton.
Gold badges of Honour were presented to Brian Dacey and John Kavanagh,
Brian was received a club jersey with the world champs bands. A welcome
visit to UK was made by Ted & Judi McDonald who now live in South Africa,
a get together took place at the Crown at Knockholt on New Years Day.
Brian Saxton took over the posts of Membership Secretary and Clothing
Secretary. Carol & Clif Steele produced little Cassia - the picture in DLN
showing Clif resplendent in De Laune racing jersey, holding his new baby girl,
whilst visiting Carol in hospital - one way to spread the word. James Lett
also became a dad when wife Anoushka gave birth to Olivia.

Some interesting banter was exchanged regarding the increasing size of
some of the older members. This followed a claim from Roy Savery that
his newly acquired size 4 bib shorts had split and requested compensation
and a replacement to size 5. Stax hinted that anyone applying for
membership or existing members who do not fall into a size 4 could be
refused membership or have their membership annulled until they reached
the required size 4. Clif Pendleton pointed out the advert on the website
where there is a clear encouragement to members to increase the girth of
their posteriors in order that the club name on the back of their shorts
might be more clearly seen. Clif pleaded that it would take 10 years to
reduce his girth and requested more time to make the adjustments.

22 riders entered the club track champs at Herne Hill in conjunction with
Bec CC & Addiscombe. The purchase of five track bikes, in club colours,
was discussed, purely for new young members' use. Amongst the active
triathletes competing on a regular basis were Rupert Walsh, Sam Baxendale,
Andy Simpson, Alex Morris, Harry Corbett and Howard Coulson. Penny
farthings racing was featured at the Good Friday track meeting, Danny
Rudd & Brian Dacey featured well in the 'normal' racing. Monday Comp
saw the club colours on the backs of Brian Dacey & Matt Baker. Brian
Dacey again won 2 golds and Peter Jenn a bronze at the World Masters
Track Champs. The Club open track meeting was rained off. After a break
of 3 years the Crystal Palace circuit came back into commission and events

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