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could once more be promoted. Regular results came in from the northern
contingent of James Peckham and James Lyon.

52 members attended OMA lunch at Brighton, Alan Rowe crashed in France
sustaining a serious head injury, Kav & Malcolm Adams visited. Alan
returned home after a month but spent a further month in hospital for
treatment and recuperation. James Lyon was also a victim of a crash
sustaining a broken hip. A list of TT results from Peter Jenn on 2003
events were published in the DLN, Peter apologized for the poor times 'due
to lack of training' - at least he was honest. At various times themed
articles appeared in the DLN of pen pictures of members, or why did you
chose to join the De Laune and in 2004 my first bike. Tony Purser insisted
that without a regular DLN dropping through the door he would have
relinquished his membership years ago. Alan Constable, a member in the
1950's made contact with the club after browsing the website, he quickly
became a member once again. He confessed to receiving a years suspension
after passing a halt sign in a road race near Tunbridge Wells had
contributed to him dropping out from the sport !

All information and snippets of club life have been culled
from minutes + DLN publications


At the annual prize presentation the prize winners were announced
with a little rhyme





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