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Since my last report both our open events
have been financially finalised. Both were
successfully organised by Jayne (10) and
Ian (25) and despite both promoters
ploughing all entry income back to the
events the tea bars made unaccounted profits. 10 showed a profit of
£56.32 and the 25 £46.11. Clearly the donated home made cakes make
all the difference.

Donations continue to accrue (mainly from Life Members) as do
subscriptions. Clothing slowly sells, I have not received any information
on any additional orders/sales of the anniversary kit. OMA lunch - 4
members were unable to make the lunch, 3 duly paid as they had booked,
however one of the non attendees was Bill Miles who was being transported
by another non attendee. As Bill is totally dependant upon transport I
thought the club could meet the cost of his lunch. I have received the
annual support Evans cheque, this came with a letter from Mike Rice
showing social interest in the club again, even purchasing some kit in order
to ride the OMA 10. (Full report and result elsewhere)

A floral tribute was arranged for Brian Waller as requested by the family.
The French clubrun was successfully organised by Kav once again, to swell
the party some of the San Fairy Ann joined them. Mark has needed some
toner for the DLN production, the car parking arrangements have been met
for the OMA 10 on 10th August. Our new meeting place of Dulwich College
is proving to be a very comfortable venue, if a little pricey. We have decided
to continue with the arrangement until further notice.

Val the Peach

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