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Peter was the son of Pierre De Laune, a brother of Gideon Delaune the
apothecary and was born in Norwich.

When he was 15 he became apprenticed to Uncle Gideon as an apothecary,
but he never completed the apprenticeship and in 1648 Gideon applied to
the Apothecaries’ Society to release Peter from the unfinished
apprenticeship at a cost of £10.00. This was refused as Peter had already
become a member of the Dyers Guild.

In 1639 Peter was married for a short time to an Ann Westburie but by
the following year she was married to a Thomas Morecott.

Peter was to become a Nominal Member of Parliament for Southwark in the

period of 1656 – 58, the 2 Protectorate, thus a Commonwealth Parliament.
In 1667, he being a Member of the Company of Dyers (he was at this time
known as Peter Delannoy),* was elected and sworn in as Alderman of Vintry
Ward, City of London (which has the City
end of Southwark Bridge as one of the
boundaries). The Vintry Ward, whilst mainly
the home of Vintners, the wine trade (the
clue being in its name!), but the Ward also
encompassed other trades and centred
around the Church of St. James
Garlickhythe (nr Mansion House Tube
Station), which burnt down, the year
before Peter was elected, in the Great Fire
of London, and rebuilding commenced 10
years later, the architect being none other
than Christopher Wren.

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