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De Laune CC (Australia)

Dear Mark.

Greetings from the De Laune CC in the Southern Hemisphere.

Eileen and I have had the ex social secretary Dot Fuller staying with us in
Caloundra for 12 days and we have enjoyed ourselves going down Memory
Lane as you can imagine, helped by a few glasses of wine.

The 'photo of the 3 of us was taken at Mount Cootha overlooking the city
of Brisbane, this is a popular training route for many of the Brisbane
cyclists who live north of the river and is sometimes closed to motorists
for Sportives.

The 2nd 'photo was taken on our deck overlooking 15 or so miles of the
Pacific Ocean. It 's still winter here until Spring starts on the 1st of
September but we have had cracking weather while Dot has been here, in
the middle 20s most days with not a cloud in the sky so lots of sight
seeing for Dot.

We will be seeing Dot again in January when we head off to Adelaide for the
Tour down Under and will see Suzanne and Mike Ridding also who are
presently in British Columbia on an adventure holiday.

Hope you can find room for this in the DLN this month?

Kind regards from us 3 to all our friends in the De Laune.

See over for photos

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