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will need schedule for your attempt, copies of which must be submitted to the Associa-
tion. You must give at least 7 clear days notice of any record attempt (but more time
would be appreciated). Attempt fees for National RRA Records start at £15 for records
up to 100 miles for affiliated clubs / riders, above 100 miles and all place to place
records are on a sliding scale with the End to End & 1000 miles at £60 for 14 days
notice there is an extra charge of 20% on all attempts for 7 days notice. Tandems and
Tandem Trikes are 20% more in each case. Non-members are charged £10 extra in all
Please note that the Regional RRA's have their own scale of fees and records.

There are 8 Regional Associations. All act in a similar way as the RRA, but are separate
organisations. They were set up by local clubs who wished to participate in record
breaking but at slightly lower levels and on more local roads. However they can be just
as hard to beat as a National record, just as much 'fun' to organise and ride and that
feel-good factor is still there. Perhaps the oldest of the regional Associations is the
Northern RRA, this was formed on the 17 th of December 1890. Others are Midland
RRA, Eastern Counties RRA, Southern RRA, Western Counties RRA, North & West
Home Counties RRA, Welsh RRA & RRA of Scotland.

So, come on some of you super fast 21st century riders with your latest high tech,
aerodynamic bicycles (or tricycles, tandems etc), why not take up the challenge and
have a go at something different for a change. Who knows you may get to like it or even
be obsessed by it (just like Ralph Dadswell in the 1990s) Whilst some of the National
RRA records may seem out of your league, (they may not be) many of the Regional
RRA records are well with the reach of today's top riders. Some records are still yet to
be attempted.


National RRA General & Record Secretary
Brian Edrupt 01992 762121
Northern RRA
Midland RRA
Eastern Counties RRA
Southern RRA Ralph Dadswell 01844 345663
Western Counties RRA Mike Edwards 01249 651497
Welsh RRA Edwin Hargraves 01939 235556
RRA of Scotland George Berwick 01382 330217

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