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the novices who came up Whitehall, smiling but shattered after their
efforts, for most of them had probably never ridden more than a dozen
miles, in one go, in their life and without being too disrespectful, the weight
some of them were carrying begged the question, “ how they got up Leith
Hill and Box Hill, even walking”. Where were you all? I only saw Steve
Valentine as we wandered around.

We had a knock on our door last week by a couple looking for a free cup of
tea. Good to see you Mr Knapman and Jean, do come again you might get
cake next time if you stay a bit longer.

Had a card from Dot, seems she has bought a new bike and is flying up and
down the sea front in Oz, “good on yer sport”.
The time trialling season is drawing to an end for club events with only the
autumn ‘’25’ left, which I understand will be contested in the Southern
Counties event on the 8 Sept.
Still on TTs a certain Mr Rowe is getting some speed in his legs and
produced a 1.02.09 a week or so ago, another club vets record, well done
Alan keep it up and I am sure you will get a medal at the Masters in
Manchester in October. After all you will be one of the youngsters in the
75 plus group.

As I write this report it is a week to go to the KCA 12 hour event and we
have Mark Gidney riding and he had requested help on our forum so I have
just offered to assist him, and await his instructions. All being well I want
to ride it next year as I shall be 75, hopefully I can talk Alan into it again,

anyone else fancy it, after all it’s our 125 anniversary and to see a half
a dozen De Laune riders all in their anniversary kit would be great. Anyway
it’s good luck to Mark for this year.
See some of you at the Tour of Britain in London later this month.


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