Page 9 - DLN Sep 2013-974
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An on the spot decision was made to register the new retro kit with BC for 2014.
I have compiled the report below to update the committee on the clothing front.

The current kit has been in use for 5 years and, at the time, was felt attractive
and different from any others currently in use. Since 2009 we have invested
£14,714.20 on the current kit which has been offset by income of £8435.06.
What we have to bear in mind is that initially members received a higher discount
on all clothing, it was only 2011 that this was reduced.

By registering the retro kit commits those riding road events, off road and track
to purchasing the new design. It is worth pointing out that both the current
Giordana and retro kit are perfectly OK for time trialling leisure and purposes.

If you want to adopt the retro style for all competitions please bear in mind the
racing stock currently held from Giordana has a retail value of £1,259.71. This
just identifies long and short sleeve jerseys plus skin suits.

The full retail stock value of Giordana kit is £3,149.02 but this includes bibshorts,
shorts, bib tights, waisted tights, arm warmers, winter jackets, cotton caps and
gilets, all of which do not have any competitive connotation.

Many of the club folk have already purchased the retro style kit for aesthetic and
sentimental value therefore realistically additional stock requirements should not
be too great.

The only stock I am aware of, that Christian is holding, on the retro front
is socks and arm warmers, not sure on the levels of these as no feedback
has been received.

If the decision is that we switch to the retro style on a replacement basis, initially
the only items we need in the short term are perhaps skin suits where we have
just 1 small, 2 medium and 1 XL, though this is particularly urgent. We may be
able to purchase lower order numbers with Bioracer, not sure how the prices will
compare, could be slightly higher to compensate for the lower order numbers.

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