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without being rendered unconscious by the G-forces), the Tour Divide: cycling
2,745 miles solo and self-supported along the Rocky Mountains from Banff
to New Mexico against the clock, sleeping rough and attempting to be the
fastest person ever on two wheels (hitting over 400mph…).

Full disclosure: unusually for a review/recommendation, I haven’t actually read
the book! Or to be more accurate, I’ve skimmed through it and read a couple
of parts in more detail - that was enough to put it on my Xmas list. I
particularly liked his practical approach to the 527 miles Lincolnshire to
Scotland UK training for the US ride – use the A1 (northern piece) to catch
up on schedule, crash out by the side of the road in his sleeping bag (in a
freezing January), take advantage of McDonalds restaurants to warm up,
get some warm scoff in his stomach etc. And he’s quite frank about not being
pristine after a few days without access to showers, bath etc.. Oh yes, I
understand the objective was to get to a 24-hour MTB race he rode in snow
and ice…
It’s all written in a very engaging style, keeping you reading – I definitely think
you won’t be disappointed with it.

For interest
    · Guy Martin’s website:

    · Guy Martin Speed episode videos:

    · Jason Miles account of the background to the 24 hour Tandem record at

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