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The Park Wood Golf Club


                               Pea and Ham Soup
                          Park Wood Prawn Cocktail
             Breaded Mushrooms with spicy tomato salsa
                     Egg, Bacon & Asparagus Salad

                        Traditional Fresh Roasted Meats
             from our carvery with a selection of trimmings,

                            fresh roasted potatoes
                          and seasonal vegetables
   Salmon supreme Served with dauphinoise potatoes and

 Spinach, brie and pistachio turnover with guacamole and

                                  grilled tomato

   Madagascan Vanilla Cheesecake with cherry compote

     Mango and Passion Fruit Bavarois with orange sorbet
 Chocolate Ice Cream Sponge Roll with warm toffee sauce
Cheese and Biscuits served with celery, grapes and chutney

      Freshly Brewed Coffee and Chocolate Mint Creams

           3 coarse & coffee £23.00

       Please pay with cheques payable to the Delaune CC.

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