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was my mother’s brother, and when she was alive I can remember from
childhood days onwards when Remembrance Day came round each year
what an emotional day it was for her.

It is very gratifying to think that you have all been visiting the memorial all
these years. I only found out about its existence recently when I met my
cousin John Tibbels for the first time.”

This was followed in 2008 by an e-mail to Mike Peel from a Ms Billie R
McNamara living in the USA which read:

“I happened across your site while trying to determine where a distant family
member died during World War I. You have a bit on Percival John Tibbels,
who was part of the same unit and died at the same time as my family
member. It’s very difficult to find information such as this when researching
from 3,000 miles away! Unless a large battle occurred, published and
internet resources are not detailed. So I wanted to thank you for providing
the details that helped to finish out the record for my grandmother’s cousin.”

Finally, an e-mail in 2011 from Matthew Williams, who lives in Canada:

“I recently came across the De Laune Cycling Club site and your copy of the
first De Laune News (DLN) issue dated 1929.

I found it very interesting as the little information I know of my late
grandfather (Percy) and his brother (Arthur) Williams are from a few stories
from my mother, a handful of pictures, some club medals, silver pocket
watches [with an inscription from the De Laune Club from 1911] and my
editions of the De Laune Cycling Club “Budget” (newsletter) for 1915/1916.
I always found the Budget to be interesting reading as it succinctly
summarized the life/events of these close friends and the camaraderie they
obviously had developed through their experiences with the De Laune Club.
I’m glad to see that the Club is still in existence.”

It is Arthur whose name is on the memorial and was club secretary at the

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