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Étienne Delaune (circ. 1519 – 1583) Engraver.

Etienne was born in Paris around 1519 (other research suggest he was born
in Orleans in 1518). He is well documented on the web, however at present
there is no reason to suppose he was related to ‘our’ Guillaume (William)
who fled France in 1572 in fear of his own and family’s lives at the time of
the St Bartholomew’s Day massacre. Étienne was also a protestant
(Calvinist) and whilst William fled to England, Étienne went to Strasbourg*
on the German border for safety and according to one source he later

moved to Augsburg,* Germany’s 3 oldest city, which today abounds in Art
and History.
Étienne commenced his career, as an engraver of medals, and there is
documentary evidence showing he was working in Paris as a goldsmith in
1546. There are numerous works still in evidence, 6 of his designs are in
the Louvre.

Here is an example of Etienne’s work, one
of quite a few held in the Victoria and
Albert Museum. It is a design for a
brestplate for the parade armour of
Henri 2 of France, (one of many of his
designs for the King) it is pen, ink and
wash on paper. The full suit of armour is
held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art,
New York and much of its design is
attributed to Étienne

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