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day was the return of Maureen and Eddie Starsmeare, good to see you
both again after a couple of missed years.

I had held back a surprise
for the Jack Young club run
regulars’ reunion, which
include Mick Valentine, Mick
Jones, and myself, (Geoff
Margetts and Dick Gates
did not make it this time),
for another of this elite
group has reappeared after
a lapse of 40 odd years,
Chris Chalet my old tandem A Jack Young Reunion
partner. Great to see you Mick Jones Mick Valentine and Chris Chalet.
Chris, along with your good
lady, hope you will now keep in regular contact. Other regulars were Jean
Rowe and twin sister Betsie,and of course Mary Dods. Along with a dozen
of my Herne Bay mob we had around 35 in attendance.

As with last year I have mentioned all in attendance for Dot, who I know
missies this get together, and what made it worse for her this year was
she had been planning to phone us on the day and looking forward to hearing
a few old familiar voices. Unfortunately the only voice she heard was our
answering phone, for sadly no one heard the call, in fact Dot tried again to
no avail. Sorry Dot it would have been great for us to speak to you, but
you probably rang when Alan tried to set light to my shed again, when
cooking his burgers at over 450 degrees, amongst cheers from the
gathering. To make amends Alan kindly photographed the gathering and all
pictures are on our club website for you to see. Our good wishes to you.

The following week was the Fred Peachey Memorial ‘25’ which was ably
organised by Ian & Claire, report elsewhere I expect. This was followed the
following week by the OMA ‘10’ and a good entry ensured another great

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