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On 18th April 2014 The SCCU Good Friday Meeting will be departing one
historic Olympic Venue for another as it makes a move from Herne Hill to
Lee Valley Velopark to help celebrate the opening year of the park and the
cycling legacy of London 2012.

We know that many of our supporters at Herne Hill will be disappointed that
they will not be making their annual pilgrimage to Burbage Road - and it
will certainly be a very strange feeling for us to not be unlocking the gates
at 6 o’clock in the morning – but after 110 years of forecast watching we
will not be at the mercy of the British weather this year!

This decision has not been taken lightly. We’ve spent several months weighing
up all of the options whilst constantly aiming to bring the best afternoon’s
racing we can to our loyal supporters.

Herne Hill is a much-loved and highly respected venue and work to renovate
and evolve into a multi-use facility is ongoing, taking it from strength to
strength and elevating it far above it’s Victorian peers. Whilst the Good
Friday meeting is undoubtedly a part of the velodrome’s history we are
aware that track racing has moved on over the years and the event also
needs to evolve to meet the expectations of the new generation of
enthusiasts and supporters.

With this in mind, we felt that it was appropriate to bring the meeting to
an indoor venue.

Rest assured, Herne Hill will continue to be a home of world-class events
and we fully intend to expand the number of outdoor-specific and
continental-style events we promote at the venue, returning to the
traditions and racing styles which the venue has hosted for over a century.
To our traditional supporters we say come with us, and to our new
supporters we say welcome to some great racing!

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