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Counties News

Dear Secretary,

Our historic Good Friday Meeting will be held at the Olympic Velodrome this
year. I attach a "Flyer" with all the details of the meeting.

I would be really grateful if you could pass this on to as many of your club
mates as you can. It's a giant step for the Counties and we need as much
publicity as we can get.

The move is not one we took lightly and hopefully we can return to Herne
Hill when the building works around the track are completed.
By the way Herne Hill track is fine for Monday Comp and training but not
really ready yet for an international meeting.

The link will take you
directly to the Good Friday website and from there you can click onto the
Quay Tickets site for booking seats.

It was only confirmed yesterday so book now to get trackside seats. There
won't be many track meetings at the Velodrome so this is your chance to
visit this truly spectacular track.

All the best,

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