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De Laune Casual Track Top - Order by 13th April

Hi Club Mates,
I've been asked by the committee to arrange the purchase of some track jackets.
Many people were fond of the jackets from the early 80's made by Nico Sport,
but they don't produce them anymore (they sold the sewing machines some years
ago apparently).
A British company called "Tudor Sport" produces a similar jacket. It will be in Royal
Blue, with "De Laune" printed on the back and the club crest & club name and
foundation date embroidered on the breast; the typeface will be similar to that
used in the Bioracer kit. The jackets will be sold for which includes a
subsidy from the club. I've included the picture below to show the layout of the
wording and crest on the jacket; it was produced by another manufacturer so
please ignore everything else (like the stripes, colour, typeface).

Please reply to this mail if you'd like to order a jacket. No jackets will be held in
stock, so please ensure you select the right size. I need the following information:
· Size of jacket (see sizing info below)
· Number of pockets on the jacket, the options are:
· Jacket with 1 rear zipped back pocket on the right side (Code
· Jacket with 3 open back pockets (TS104)
I will send the order on , so please send your order by then. The tops
should be ready by Mid-May. Payment is required when you receive the top.

XS 34 inch chest
S 36 inch chest
M 38 inch chest
L 40 inch chest
XL 42 inch chest
XXL 44 inch chest


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