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elder statesman of various South London Clubs, past and present,
congregate to have a good old chat, and to be quite honest we see very
little racing for we are there for our annual ‘catch up’. I may be wrong but
I don’t think we shall enjoy this new venue as much, but I may be proved
otherwise. That is of course if many oldies go, for as I understand it there
is little parking and many of us have quite a way to travel and have yet to
work out the best way to get there. I have a feeling many will not attend,
which is a great pity.

Had a pleasant day on Wednesday (20 March) in the company of Barbara
Waller and Vi & Geoff Sinnett who came down to see us for the day. Lyn
and I look forward to their next visit so don’t leave it until the annual BBQ
guys, love to see you anytime.

April is a quite month on our calendar as we do not kick off until 3 May
with our first club TT, the ‘15’ on the Harrietsham course. So don’t forget
if you want to take part in our 125 anniversary BAR competition you must
ride this first event. If you missed the full details of the competition, see
Page 18 of February’s DLN.

Finally, welcome to new member Adam Platts who joins us from the Dulwich
Paragon. Hope to meet up with you in the not too distant future Adam.


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