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A few results for the DLN this month, although unfortunately no wins!

                                      MIKE RICE

    EVENT                             VENUE                  DATE         POSITION WINNER
                                                           28th February    9th Anthony Wallis
    LVRC San Fairy Ann Spring Criterium (A/B) Cyclo Park                    5th Anthony Wallis
                                                            7th March      16th Mike Jones
    LVRC San Fairy Ann Spring Criterium (A/B ) Cyclo Park  15th March       9th Anthony Wallis
                                                           22nd March
    LVRC La Fleche Waltone (A/B)      Leicestershire

    LVRC Ciclos Uno Series (A/B/C/D)  Hogs Hill

16  If any members north of 40 are thinking of doing some road or circuit events this season I can highly recommend
    the LVRC events they are well organised and the riding is to a high standard (unlike some of the BC/SERRL
    events). Hopefully will see some other members on the start line as the weather warms up. If you are worried
    about fitness the LVRC actively encourage riders to have a go but in the next age group up. There are events
    almost every weekend within the home counties over the spring and summer months. Check the LVRC website
    for details
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