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Lees Court (Photo taken by Mick from the gardens)

Mick Valentine and I visited Lees Court, Sheldwich Lees, Nr. Faversham by
bike last summer. Ignoring ‘Private No Entry’ signs we started riding along
the half a mile or so drive when we saw a car coming towards us, so we
stopped, as did the car. We explained to the lady driver the reason for our
trespass, and whilst she had no idea as to the connection of Abraham
De Laune to the Sondes family she kindly said she would turn her car
around and we should follow her. She showed us the house and gardens
and we spent a pleasant half hour with her, receiving an informative history
of the house and the Sondes family, some of it new to me. We thanked
her for allowing us to gain entrance to the estate and then proceeded to
Sharsted Court, which is some 5 miles away, cycling through pleasant
country lanes to our destination.

 (Abraham being brother-in law to George Sondes, builder of this impressive
building – see DLN Feb 2013 page 19)

The present building rebuilt 1912 (original gutted by fire in 1910) is now
divided into 28 flats.

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