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Velodromes brings a great Easter weekend for track fans. International
thrills at Lee Valley on the Friday, then traditional Herne Hill charm on the

                            No 1 on

       No 2 on              both starting at 12.30pm. Organised by

track stalwart and new Friends Treasurer George Slater, each has a full

programme of events and BC points for placed riders. The perfect way to

get the race season going.

And looking a bit further ahead....
            The only sportive to finish at Herne Hill and the Trust is one of

its 2 designated charities. 3 distances are on offer, all beautiful rides
and a lovely way to raise money for the Velodrome
Oh and we’re having another film show courtesy of the

          . It’s going to be a great French film called ‘Kid on a Bike’ and it’ll

be at

                              Herne Hill’s first Cycling Development Officer, Iain
Cook has landed himself a great job with British Cycling (Regional
Performance Pathway Coach). They obviously spotted how terrific he was
as CDO at the Track and a massive thanks from the Friends for all he did.
Now...the Trust doesn’t officially take over running Herne Hill until the pavilion
is completed, at which point the plan is to have an Administrator as well
as a CDO. To cover the loss of Iain in the tricky transition between now and
then, ex-VCL chair Peter Cattermole will act as Administrator with track
coaches Euan Cattermole and Celeste Morton sharing the CDO
responsibilities. It’s hard to think of anyone more dedicated to the
Velodrome than Peter and the Trust are confident they’ve got the right
team to look after things until the new pavilion era begins. This temporary
management team can be contacted at:
If you need to know anymore about any of the above feel free to contact
the Friends Trustee Phil Wright at
That’s all for now. Exciting times but you still need to.....
Pick a good wheel to follow
The Friends Management Committee

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