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Saturday 7th March 2015 saw the first VTTA (Kent Group) event of the

The club were well represented in general on this bright and clear spring
morning. The sun shone, the niggly easterley wind only rose towards
the end of the event but deceptively, there was a nip in the air – alright
behind glass. I personally noticed the wind whilst sitting in the car park
ready to receive the telephoned finish times from Tony – unfortunately
there is no signal inside the hall. At least it wasn't raining.

As I said the club was well represented with 2 club entries of Chris
Cowlard and Mark Gidney. Mark though, decided not to ride having
trouble shaking off a recurring cough following a heavy cold. He did,
however still come out to offer assistance with the organisation which
proved to be extremely useful.

Apart from myself as promoter there was Tony and Claire holding the
watches, Malc Adams and Alan Constable marshalling at Charing and
Mark helping on the result board. Mike Hartley also came out and sat
in the timekeepers car to get a feel of the job of timekeeping. Do we
have a budding timekeeper on our hands ???

The winning time was recorded by Michael Barnes of 21.50 just 7 seconds
in front of the second placed rider. Chris Cowlard came in with 29.16
stating he was only too pleased to get inside evens. He delivered his
entry to me by bike on the closing day – which co-incided with his first
training ride of the year – so I suppose with just 10 days training his
ride was all in perspective.

Val the Peach

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