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myself out of it. Having said that, I did enjoy the research and the icing on
 the cake was receiving a letter from our founder’s great grandson, Alured,
 who honoured us by becoming an honorary vice president. Now I have finished
 my research I wonder what I will do with all the spare time.

  I have not seen much activity this month on the racing front, time trial
 wise. Only Chris Cowlard, Stevie V. and Dave H, have faced a timekeeper,
 still early days. A little bird tells me we might have a team pursuit squad
 forming, the first for some decades, it would be great to see, so roll on
“World Masters Comp” in October when we could have 4 World champions.
 Now that would be just great!

 My start to the season is somewhat curtailed firstly for serious lack of
 miles, just over 200 for the year due to flu, and two sadist doctors who
 inflicted pain upon me. Thankfully nothing serious, the last doctor has
 however left me hobbling around for the last three weeks, after subjecting
 me to liquid nitrogen in eight places on my legs and feet. Warning to you
 younger guys use ‘sunblock’ when out in your shorts.

 Finally I would like to thank our editor, Mark, for the fantastic job he has
 done in transferring all our photo albums onto the web which can be
 accessed through our club website. This was one monumental task, as he

photographed each page from, I believe, around a dozen albums.*

  I hope to see many of you at the AGM on the 13th, and the Open ‘25’ on
 the following Sunday.

 * (Mark has since told me there were 19 photo albums and 2 of press cuttings
 totalling 941 pages. What a brilliant achievement!)

                          And there could still be more , Ed.

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