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Open 25

Arrangements are all in hand for the Club Open 25 due to be held

on 19th April on the A.20 in Kent.The event headquarters will be
at the same place as last year at Lenham Community Centre, Groom
Way, Lenham. ME17 2QT.

So far I have received many offers of help but, as you all know,
it is better to have some additional helpers just in case. So if you
haven't already put your name forward please let me know and I
will willingly find you a job. Unfortunately I need to write myself
out of the active helpers as I am due to have an eye operation
just prior to the event, so I will need to take a very low key on
the day and over the following few weeks.

List of helpers so far include :

Claire & Ian                      (finish timekeepers)

Bill Wright                       (start timekeeper)

Mike Peel                         (pusher off)

Geoff Sinnet                      (signing on)

Val –                             (placement of cycle event signs)

Ann & Mike Hartley - Debbie & Mike Valentine

Lyn & Malc Adams - Jean & Alan Rowe

Kav - Brian Saxton - Brian Shambrook

Alan Constable

I can be contacted on 01622 727649. Please let me know if

you can help in any way for the benefit of the club.


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