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•Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome

                First things first: the new pavilion has gone to planning. Hurrah!
The slimmed down, affordable version of last year’s consultation design is
now with Southwark Council (you can see some of the drawings at
( Hopefully this will
get passed by June, and then the building can start October/November, to
be completed June/July 2016. Which is handily 125 years since the Velodrome
was first built. Expect a big celebration! Talking of which...

For the third year running we’re having a fund raising party to celebrate
the start of the new track season and this year it’s in a brewery. It’s where
the Friends beer comes from so there’ll be plenty of that, plus jerk chicken,
a raffle, celebrity guests and of course Rollapaluza. Everyone is welcome
but riders (youth and adult) should note: Track League points will be
awarded for the Rollapaluza. Think of it as a prologue for.....

                                                     which starts on the following
                         and runs every Wednesday night till October.
Registration is now open:
( Then

As you probably know, for the second year running the traditional SCCU
Good Friday Meeting is going to be at the other London Olympic Velodrome
( But that doesn’t mean you have to
desert Herne Hill. CC Hackney are running an open meeting at Herne Hill on
Easter Saturday and the Friends have had the bright idea of bigging that
up for all those who don’t want to kick the SE24 Easter habit. We’re
expecting a fast field of men, women and youth riders competing in a full
programme of sprint and endurance events, it’ll be free to enter and there’ll
be cycle jumble, food and FHHV beer. Springtime harmony in London’s

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